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Send A Birthday Gift through Get All Delivery Services

Recently, celebrating special occasions have been very different compared to how we would normally want to celebrate. With the COVID-19, it feels like we have been restricted and hindered from doing so many things we want to do. However, it is not impossible to celebrate. You can still have a meaningful celebration at the comfort of your home. Sending a birthday gift is also not impossible during this time. With the Get All delivery app, you can send the birthday celebrant their birthday gift with our same day delivery service.

Still feeling stumped as to what to get someone on their special day? Well, look no further! We have compiled a list of gift ideas for you. Show your loved ones that you remember their special day by surprising them with a birthday gift. The list we have curated consists of items ranging from gifts for little children, gifts for your friends, gifts for your significant other, and gifts for your family members! 

Things You Can Gift-wrap and Have Delivered

Things You Can Gift-wrap and Have Delivered with Get All

We have made a list of suggestions for material things or gifts that you can give to your friend, sibling, parent, or significant other. Some of these shops are the perfect shop to find exactly what you are looking for from toys, to active wear, to work out equipment, to furniture, or to home essentials. 

1. For the Little Kings and Little Queens

AllToys offer so many different options for gift ideas to give to your kid, your nephew, your niece, or your godkid. They have a wide range of selection from indoor toys, to outdoor toys, to school supplies, and to novelty items. You can get your son or nephew some action figurines and you can get your daughter or niece a cute novelty item. Another great gift idea is something that your kid can play outdoors, like a bicycle or a scooter. It is still important for them to play outdoors and spend time outdoors if you have a backyard or a garage that they can play in. Aside from toys and novelty items, AllToys also offer school supplies! Since June is fast approaching, you can purchase your kid’s back to school items from this store! They offer all kinds of school supplies and art supplies. You now no longer have to go to the mall to purchase your children’s school needs. 

2. For the Athletes and Gym Buffs 

Is the birthday celebrant an active person? Does he or she enjoy sweating it out? If so, AllSports is the perfect place to find a gift for him or her! Recently, going to the gym or leaving your house to work out has not been an option. With items from AllSports, they can now bring their gym to their homes. From jump ropes, to yoga mats, to active footwear, to basketballs, to active apparel, anything you need to work out and AllSports has it for you. There is a wide variety of options to choose from in this store for the birthday celebrant’s gift. If they enjoy pilates, you can consider getting them a yoga mat. You can also consider getting them some workout clothes or some active wear shoes. AllSports offer items from well-known and reliable brands that the birthday celebrant will surely appreciate. Some of these brands are: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, Vans, and Toms. 

3. For the Titas and the Titos

AllHome is a one-stop shop for all your home essentials. Recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic and ever since the lock down, many people have been wanting to spend time on redecorating their homes. If the birthday celebrant is one of the many people who enjoys giving life to their home or making their house feel a little bit more home-y, then AllHome is the perfect shop to buy him or her a birthday gift. AllHome has an extensive selection of home goods like: appliances, construction materials, gaming furniture, gadgets, flooring materials, DIY hardwares, homewares, linens, sanitary wares and furniture, You can get the birthday celebrant something as simple as a new vase, a new picture frame, or a new table setting set. However, you can also choose to get the birthday celebrant something bigger or more grand like a new television, new microwave, or even a new coffee maker. Recently, most people are spending more time in their kitchens because dining out is not an option as of the moment. Another great gift idea is getting them a new kitchen appliance. 

Working from home and online classes have also been something that became a new normal recently. This means sitting by your desk for 8 hours or even more. Another good gift idea is a new office desk or a new office chair. It is important to invest in things that will make working from home more convenient and more comfortable for you, especially during this time. 

5. For the Supermoms 

Is the birthday celebrant a new mom? Or is she in need of newborn essentials, newborn clothes, toys, or anything that is needed for being a mom of infants? The Baby Hub is the perfect store to shop at. The Baby Hub has a long list of brands that they have available in their store. Some of these brands are: Bonjour Baby, Clever Spaces, Darlyng & Co., Baa Baa Sheepz, Nature to Nurture, Health Aid Bifina, Play with Pieces, Room for Tots, Two Little Ducks, and a lot more brands. If she is a breastfeeding mom, there is also a wide range of breastfeeding essentials to choose from. The Baby Hub also sells all kinds of health and skin care needs that is essential for the newborn baby to have. 

6. For the Trendsetters

If the birthday celebrant is into the current fashion trends, especially what the trending footwears are, then Bizman Clothing Shop is the perfect place to find a gift for them. Bizman Clothing Shop offers shoes from Adidas, Nike, and World Balance for men and women. For other products they offer, you can check their Facebook page.

Keep Their Tummy Happy With These Treats

Keep Their Tummy Happy With These Treats through Get All Delivery

Other than toys, home goods, work out apparel, active footwear, furniture, or appliances, another good birthday gift idea is food and beverages. Anyone and everyone would appreciate food. You can never go wrong with giving someone that will make their tummy happy. The good news is that you do not even have to worry about how you are going to send them the gift. The Get All courier service app has your back and can handle your deliveries for you! 

1. For the Coffee Lovers

If you would rather give food or beverages as a birthday gift, Coffee Project is the answer! Who can say no to food? We don’t think anyone can resist food or beverages. One of the best and safest gifts to give someone special is something they can eat. If the special someone is a fan of coffee, you can also choose to give him or her a bag of coffee beans from Coffee Project. How about a small surprise for them? You can have breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner and coffee delivered to their doorstep. A refreshing, fruity drink is also a great option to surprise them with. Considering the hot summer weather we are all experiencing right now, we’re sure they would appreciate it! Or if they aren’t available to receive the food or beverage at that moment, you can also choose to give him or her a Coffee Project gift card to use whenever it is most convenient for them. 

2. For the Pastry Lovers

If the birthday celebrant is a fan of pastries then Bake My Day is the perfect store to get his or her birthday gift! Bake My Day offers a comprehensive selection of pastries. From bread, to croissants, to loaves, to cakes, to donuts, to bagels. For bread they have: classic pandesal, ube pandesal, malunggay pandesal, cheese roll, spanish bread, and many more. For their loaves, they have: red bean loaf, raisin loaf, purple yam loaf, and cheese loaf. They have many different flavors of cakes to choose from to give as a birthday gift to the celebrant. The flavors that they offer are their Moist Chocolate Cake, Triple Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Ube Tres Leches Cake, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake, Mango Royale Cake, Hazelnut Crunch Cake, Chocolate Butternut Cake, and Coffee Custard Creme Cake. Aside from their regular breads, Bake My Day also offers specialty breads like almond croissants, cheese croissants, chocolate croissants, sausage croissants, ham and cheese croissants, chocolate danish, sausage roll, chicken floss, pork floss, and many more. The pastries that we have mentioned are just a few of the items on their menu. If you want to check out their whole menu for more options, you can visit their Facebook page.

3. For Someone Who Has a Sweet Tooth

Nothing is more special than giving a birthday celebrant a custom made cake. If you are thinking of giving a beautiful custom made cake to the birthday celebrant, then this is the shop that you are looking for! The bakers from Crumbs Cake Art put a lot of passion, effort, and hard work into creating the most beautiful cakes. You can ask them to custom make any themed cakes for you from floral themed cakes, to flamingo themed cakes, animal themed cakes, or even a certain tv show character or movie themed cake! The sky is the limit with Crumbs Cake Art. You can check out all the other amazing cakes they have made on their Facebook page. 

4. For the Dessert Lovers

Another sweet treat you can give as a gift to the birthday celebrant is from The Sweet Life store. This bakeshop’s menu mainly consists of cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, banana bread, chocolate mousses, and brownies. For their cakes, you can choose to get their regular cake or their cake in cans. Their Mango Creme Cheesecake and their Berry Bluberry Cake come in two sizes: 6 inches and 8 inches. The 6 inch size is good for two to three people, while the 8 inch size is good for six to eight people. Another item on their menu that people have been raving about is their mini cheesecakes. For their mini cheesecakes, you can choose from three flavors: Creme Brulee, Blueberry, and Mango Loco. You can check their facebook page see the reviews that people have left them and to see the other products that they offer. 

We hope that you find something interesting from the list of shops that we have curated. Whether it is a small gift or a big gift, we are sure that the birthday celebrant will appreciate it! With the Get All delivery app, you do not have to worry about lost packages. You will receive your parcel delivery straight to your doorstep without any hassle or any worry. 

The Get All delivery courier service is also one of the most affordable options for same day delivery services that is available in Metro Manila. The base rate of the shopper service starts at P50. Another great thing about this logistics service is that we can deliver your package whether it is big or small. If your package is a big package, you can choose from our other available vehicles aside from the motorcycle. 

With Get All, you also don’t have to worry about having a hard time trying to book a courier. This is because the Get All app was made to be easy and accessible. With just a few clicks, you can have your parcel delivered to you quickly, safely, and without having to worry about your package getting lost. All you have to do if you are new to the app is to sign up and register to a new account. Then enter the pick up location, the drop off location, and the contact details. Choose the category of your parcel delivery and the type of vehicle you want to deliver your parcel. And if there are any other additional instructions or notes for your rider that you want to add, there is a designated box where you can type it in. After this, the next thing to do is to sit back, relax, and wait for the package to be delivered. 

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