Food Trends 2021

A year living through a Pandemic, we collectively binged on eating, picking up new recipes, and posting about food. Remember the famous Ube Pandesal? Sushi Bakes, and let us now forget the mighty Dalgona Coffee. With these latest developments really excite them now that most people have found their talent for cooking or widened their palette with new cuisines they've experienced in their kitchens or by home delivery services?

Apparently, yes. Here a quick line-up of future trend in homegrown dishes to watch out for this year!

1. Plant-based Food

Food Trends 2021 - Plant Based Food

More common these days are plant-based food. Many who follow this diet should expect "interesting formats and innovative ways of using plant-based ingredients" this year.

To watch out for include more varied plant-based seafood and eggs, sweet and savory fruit and veggie jerkies, chocolates, cream cheese, and yogurt. Mushrooms, chickpeas, and tofu will be common, while aquafaba, or canned chickpea liquid, is expected to become a buzzword as it gains popularity as a replacement for eggs and milk in many recipes.

Furthermore, fruits, vegetables, and edible plants will become more common as natural food colorants, with red dominant in food and beverage products. Coffee, on the other hand, will go beyond just being a drink and can be used in energy bars, granola, smoothies, and even alcoholic drinks

Finally, allulose is now being hailed as the latest sweetener gold standard. Allulose is a natural sugar found in wheat, figs, and raisins that tastes like table sugar but has 90% less calories.

2. Upcycling

Food Trends 2021 - Upcycling

With consumers becoming more proactive in cooking from food waste and food suppliers becoming more involved, upcycling has reached a whole new phase.

One example is utilizing spent grains from brewed alcoholic drinks and spent coffee grounds. Spreads, energy bars, and snack puffs are made from the grains. Coffee beans, on the other hand, are ground into coffee flour, added to chocolate confectionery such as cacao nibs, shaped into energy bars, used as a conduit for growing mushrooms, infused in candles, and used in beauty items.

3. Ready to Cook and Eat

Due to limited travel and the continued WFH set-up, no-brainer meals such as completely marinated as well as heat-and-eat products will become more popular this year. Case in point was the booming popularity of the air fryer - just one pop and the meal is ready in minutes! In addition, new RTE breakfast offerings will be highlighted.

More restaurants will sell meal kits, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of dining at home. These kits may also be used to avoid cooking exhaustion and provide an innovative alternative to traditional takeout and delivery. Because it’s food, these employ same day delivery.

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4. Global Flavors

If the pandemic continues to confine consumers to their home countries or towns, more people will resort to sample new flavors and additives from around the world.

As chefs and restaurateurs (or even those who try to cook) experiment with more exotic spices, spice blends like Garam Masala from India and North African condiments and spices like dukkah, za'atar, sumac, and baharat are expected to gain popularity.

Ethnic breakfast dishes such as Shakshukah from North Africa and Menemen from Turkey, as well as cuisines from the Asian Islands, Regional Chinese, South America, and India, would gain popularity. Filipino barbeque, Japanese Izakaya cuisine, Indian Kashmiri, and Modern Mediterranean cuisine are some of the other spice highlights to watch out for this year. Ramen delivery will also be popular.

5. Liberal Food

Food and drink that are Instagrammable and indulgent will not only look and taste fantastic, it will also help the customers' health and wellness.

Fiber, minerals such as vitamin C and zinc, and antioxidants are all ingredients to watch for. Adaptogenic foods and drinks that can help you calm and mitigate the symptoms of stress are also worth looking at.

6. Homegrown Dishes

It will largely be a continuation of food trends that gained traction in 2020. Heirloom and homegrown dishes become more mainstream, particularly those exciting foods which originated in far-flung places. So, if you have a wonderful recipe that only your Lola can produce, now is the time to try it.

7. Comfort Food

The year 2021 will see a return to simplicity and comfort. This is due to the pandemic, which has caused people to seek warmth and normalcy. Unfortunately, restaurants are still struggling to stay afloat.

Some of the classics to try out this year include classic pizzas (without pineapple), burgers without a lot of wild toppings, authentic tacos (not elaborate wraps), old-fashioned barbecue, mac and cheese, country fried steak, filled pastry, fried catfish, biscuits, gravy and ramen. Delivery, of course, depends on the innovative measures restaurants employ.

Depends on promos, there is free delivery of these classic tastes. 

8. Fermentation, Preserving, and Canning 

Fermentation, including canning and preserving, is regaining popularity. During COVID-19 lockdowns, this strategy climbed to new heights, allowing chefs and restaurateurs to continue to help farms. In addition, they were able to purchase products that producers had on hand, even though they couldn't use them in the kitchen due to dining constraints.

All of the herbs and vegetables you grew in your "quarantine greenhouse" were preserved and canned. Swapping seeds and seedlings with friends and family is also an option, especially with the rise of plantitos and plantitas who can now grow their food right from their backyard.

9. Destination Restaurants

Food Trends 2021 - Destination Restaurants

Given the current situation, it seems that an increasing number of people will seek shelter from the city and seek out dining destinations in more secluded places where they can enjoy a high-quality experience with a little more privacy. Domestic and drive-to destinations will become more common as a result of the need for open spaces and limits on international travel.

10. Personalized Health

In 2020, many consumers became concerned for their health when they watched a lethal virus spread across the globe. This increased recognition, along with advancements in personalization technologies, has paved the way for grocers to create customized wellness services that aim to completely merge grocery shopping and personal wellbeing.

The trend represents an increasing focus on preventive medicine and the part food plays in it, combining supermarket collection with healthcare advice and services. As patient data become more digital, retailers will have access to more customer health information than ever before.

Pabili Service

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Some of these trends may well still start and go beyond 2021, but exciting food times are up ahead. So what are you waiting for? Get them all with Get All!


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