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Best Delivery Service for Your Online Business: Why You Should Try the Get All App Now! 

When the pandemic hit, many of us were forced to stay home and find other means of making ends meet. With everyone on the internet and social media, small start up businesses started opening left and right. 

With the help of social media, people are taking advantage of trends like the Dalgona coffee, Korean cream cheese garlic bread, and sushi bake trays in becoming creative business entrepreneurs. Beyond food, another business option was reselling pandemic essentials like masks, alcohol, and cleaning tools and products. Home décor began trending and artistic entrepreneurs also started to make a profit through their creations.

Of course, to be able to operate smoothly, be it online or offline, a business needs a store, inventory management, marketing, and a reliable delivery service partner. If you’ve been looking for delivery apps for your online business, we’ve got the answer!

But before we talk about the best delivery app for your online business in the Philippines, here’s a guide on what to look for in a delivery app. 

Delivery Apps Philippines: A Guide to Finding the Best Delivery App for Your Online Business

Choosing the right delivery partner is crucial to the success of any start up or home business. Even though you have no control over the products during delivery, many customers consider delivery as part of the service that you provide. So, it’s really important to find a delivery app that you can trust! 

Here are some things you can take note of before choosing your delivery service partner.

Choose an app with reliable drivers or riders. 

Find an app that’s often commended for the professionalism and courtesy of their drivers and riders. You can always ask around to see what other startup business owners think by asking around or reading online reviews.

Reliable drivers and riders are capable of handling packages with the utmost care and avoid food spillage, damage, or item loss as much as possible! Remember: if the driver/rider delivers unsatisfactory service to your customer, it would reflect on your business—even when you’re not at fault. 

Pick a delivery app with reasonable rates. 

Shipping or delivery fees are a huge deal for customers! Since these fees are shouldered by the buyers most of the time, it can be a deciding factor on whether they’ll be proceeding with their purchase or not. Even when your products are on sale or priced low, expensive delivery rates are a turn off.

Whether it is for same-day delivery services or scheduled delivery, select a delivery app that offers quality service at budget-friendly rates. If you have customers in the province, it’s important to provide affordable rates for them as well, so it’s great to partner with a delivery app that offers reasonable rates for provincial shipping. 

Don’t choose an app solely because of their low rates! Of course, getting the right blend of quality service & low rates is a must. Unsatisfactory service will cost your business a lot more in the long run.

If you’ve already established your online business and have a regular customer base, you might want to try this tip: have your delivery service work out a customized package deal and provide a dedicated fleet. Since you’re frequently shipping orders, you might be able to get discounted rates—a win-win for you and your customers. Get All courier service can offer you competitive rates!

Get a delivery app that gives your customers multiple options! 

Customers have specific preferences when it comes to delivery or shipping. For food products, they’ll want a same-day delivery service that provides an insulated box. If they’re buying something fragile or valuable, they’ll want a delivery service that provides insurance in case of loss or damage. When they can’t pay through e-wallets or credit cards, a pabili service option makes it convenient for them. Getting the right app to accommodate customers is an A-game mindset!

Choose a delivery partner that regularly gives promos and discount codes.

When customers buy through delivery apps, stores that provide discounts can be enticing. Free delivery codes with a minimum purchase requirement have proven to be effective in drawing in customers. 

Get All Delivery Service: The Best Delivery Service App for Online Businesses in the Philippines

Launched only in October 2020, Get All provides several delivery service options for online businesses. These include same-day delivery services, multiple stops, and rider for a day option! 

Be it handling your parcel delivery using a motorcycle or our delivery service for big items like your home improvement requirements from All Home, we at Get All certainly give it our all. If you’re wondering what exactly makes the Get All app the best delivery partner for online businesses, here’s a list of everything you’ll love about our app and service! 

  • Our same-day delivery services are superbly efficient!

  • For small packages and documents that you need delivered, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fuss-free and fast it takes! You don’t even have to follow it up or check with the rider because it never takes long enough for you to get worried! 

  • We have the friendliest and most trustworthy Rider Partners! 

  • Whenever you book Get All courier services, you can always count on excellent treatment. Rest assured that our rider partners are careful, polite, and will constantly give you updates on your order!

    On top of being courteous, our rider partners are always willing to lend a helping hand whenever you have a bunch of boxes coming in or need to ship out a ton of orders. 

    These little things make delivery services worth the spend! Get All’s rider partners are definitely some of the best in the business, a delight for both buyers and sellers!

  • The Get All app is so easy to navigate around! 

  • If you aren’t that tech-savvy, an unfamiliar app can be overwhelming—which isn’t the case for Get All! Booking our different services is quick and self-explanatory! When you download the app, you’ll immediately get the hang of it and won’t need any time to adjust. 

    If you’re constantly booking delivery services for customers or need to run multiple errands at a time while you take care of the business, it’s the best fit!

  • Our shopper service and Mommymili services are life savers! 

  • When you’re running an online business, especially if you’re in the food and beverage industry, the ingredients you need may run out unexpectedly. If you no longer have the time to head out, you can easily rely on Get All! Through our Personal Shopper service, which you can avail of through the app or contacting us through Viber or Facebook Mesenger, your problem gets solved in no time! 

    Through Get All’s Mommymili service, you can pick out all the items you need from the wet markets without having to go there yourself! We’ll get you everything you need and ensure your order is delivered to you safe and fresh! 

    If you want to avail of this service, you can check out the updated price list here

    Take note: Fresh market prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

  • You can book Get All delivery services even without the app!

  • If you have multiple deliveries in one day, you can choose between using the app or conveniently sending us a message through Viber. For no additional cost, all you have to do is send us a list of drop-off points and we’ll get right to it at your preferred schedule. 

    You can get in touch with us through any of these Viber numbers: (0918) 911 1313; (0915) 219 0003; or (0917) 300 1313. 

    You also don’t have to ask your customers to pay for shipping ahead of time. Your Get All rider can collect fees from them once they receive their orders. 

  • Our rates are very affordable! 

  • We provide quality delivery services at totally reasonable rates and among the lowest in the country! For motorcycle deliveries, fares start at PHP50 and succeeding kilometers cost only PHP6/km. 

    In case you need bigger vehicles, we also offer MPVs with fares that start at PHP150 and light trucks that start at PHP460. 

  • Our services are available in multiple locations around the Philippines.

  • If you’re an online business based outside Manila, you’ll be happy to know that Get All offers delivery services in multiple cities and provinces beyond the Metro! Our service areas include Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Naga, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Isabela, Cebu, and Bacolod! 

    Something to look forward to, we’re currently working on expanding to several other locations too! If your city or province isn’t on the list yet, we promise we’ll reach your area soon! 

  • We’ve partnered with shops that you’ll love as much as the Get All app!

  • The All Day Supermarket offers a wide selection of grocery items and home essentials that customers can choose from. Sometimes, you’ll even find products that aren’t available in other supermarkets! We’re happy to have them as one of Get All’s partners in shopper and delivery services. 

    Other shops we’re proud to have as partners are All Home, Coffee Project, and Bake My Day! Our list of partners continues to grow so watch out for other shops on the Get All app and website.

    If you run an online business or start up, we know how challenging it can be to reach customers, so we’re happy to help you expand your reach! On top of added sales and marketing for your business, our delivery management service makes it easier for you to book our delivery services. 

    If you’d like to join our list of Merchant Partners, feel free to get in touch with us. You can shoot as an email at

    Getting Started on Your Home Business

    If you haven’t established your home business yet, that’s totally fine! Here are some things you’ll have to consider in starting your business.

    Make a business plan. 

    Starting a business isn’t easy. It requires a lot of thorough planning precisely because you’re investing time and capital into your business and the last thing you want is for all of that to go to waste. 

    From deciding on how much you’re willing to spend to your target market—you’re going to have to iron out all of these details before you set things in motion. 

    Develop a unique product you believe in. 

    Before you can start selling a product, you’ll need to test it out and make sure it’s a product that you would even buy. Aim for something different, something that will draw customers in because they’ve never seen or experienced a product like yours. 

    Before putting your products up for sale, you can hold mini pop-ups for your family and friends. Ask for their honest feedback so you know the aspects you need to improve on. 

    Invest in branding, marketing, and advertising.

    Customers are drawn to aesthetically pleasing brands. If you know nothing about creatives, hire professionals! While it may cost a lot, the return of investment will be worth it! 

    Build your website and actively update your social media pages so potential customers eventually remember your brand. 

    Partner with Get All Delivery Service!

    To be able to expand, it’s good to increase your visibility on platforms other than your website and social media pages. 

    Collaborate with Get All for marketing and scheduled delivery to promote your brand, and provide delivery discounts to your customers! To facilitate smoother transactions and deliveries, your customers can order through the app instead. It will definitely make everything less of a hassle! 

    Is your business up and running already? We’d love to be your delivery service partner! From same day delivery services to delivery management, Get All’s totally got you covered! 

    If your business is rapidly growing and you’re in constant need of delivery services, we can offer package options with a dedicated fleet and discounted rates especially for you! Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 



    Get All is a delivery service app in the Philippines that connects people & businesses by providing same day, on demand delivery courier services in key cities inside & outside Metro Manila. Get All Delivery Services offers a multi-functional delivery fleet to ensure every need is delivered safe! We offer different services from parcel delivery to shopper service.

    To know more, you may visit our FAQs page. You may also visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.

    Don’t forget to Download the Get All app here: Google Play Store | Apple App Store | Huawei AppGallery

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