Celebrating special moments may look a little different than those of past. But that doesn’t mean it has to be any less special or romantic! While some restaurants may offer in-person dining options, the limitations of the community quarantine can make it even harder to get that sought-after Valentine’s Day dinner reservations than ever before. Not to worry! COVID isn’t going to stand in the way of your monthsary and anniversary romance. Here is your chance to be more creative and thoughtful when it comes to special day activities and gifts to make it the most memorable one yet!

Why not click on your Get All delivery app and have a gift delivered? We scoured the internet and curated these ten amazing gift recommendations from local shops that are sure to sweep your sweet loved ones off of their feet.

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No matter what activities you choose for your special date night, don’t forget a gift to remind your significant other how much you care. Send a bouquet of flowers to your love’s home or office before you get together, or display a stunning flower arrangement as the centerpiece of your romantic dinner.

1. Te Amo

Te Amo or Te Amo Floristeria Manila on Instagram is a one stop shop for your flowers and special celebration needs! The conventional flowers are now a thing in the past and preserved flower with an acrylic case is now the new thing that you can gift to your love ones!


 Price: PHP 6,399


2. The Glass House

The Glass House offers their new and improved way of giving bouquet of flowers. This is the perfect gift to give to someone you truly love! The flowers inside the acrylic box are preserved so you can enjoy it much longer than regular flowers.



Price: PHP 5,499


3. The Bloombee PH

There is something special and mysterious when you give someone dried flowers and it’s not your regular flower. The Bloombee PH on Instagram offers this kind of flowers that is a perfect gift.



Price: PHP 499



They say that the fastest way to somebody’s heart is through their stomach. But because some of us have restrictions in seeing each other or going out for a nice fancy dinner, food delivery is the way to go for your special dinner date plans. Check out this shops and have it deliver using Get All!

4. Aperitif

Aperitif offers a Graze box in advance and devour premium cold cuts, cheese and French breads and jams. Perfect for your valentine dinner at home!



Price:PHP 3,499


5. Fruits in Bloom

Fruits in Bloom think of an idea that would fit for those foodie out there. Often time when we give flowers to someone and it will fade and dry up fast it is not very practical base from the very expensive price of flowers. Fruits in Bloom offers a bouquet of fruits arrangement perfect for a special day, healthy and beautiful to look at!



Price: PHP 1,500



Try to think of which presents are always in use as you think of gifts you have got over the years. And the ones that are already used are either relatively recent or on their last leg. Apparel fades, rips, gets painted, and goes out of style. Before you even get to completely enjoy it, electronics will be replaced by something different and improved. Also vehicles are on a timer from the day they are acquired. Only jewelry can be cared for and enjoyed for generations.

6. The Persona Manila

Receiving a personalized gift is more special because there is a sense of exclusivity that it is made just for you. The Persona Manila on Instagram offers a personalized necklace that you can gift to your loved ones.



Price: PHP 600


7. Tala by Kayla

Most of the time man are the one who really give valentine’s gift to their significant others but it’s also great to treat them with a gift that they would love and they can use every day. Tala by Kyla on Instagram offer an affordable variety of watches you can choose from for your man.


Price: PHP 800



8. Babina Balloons

Some people might not into flowers and/or is allergic to flowers but you can still give them something special. Babina Balloons on Instagram offers balloons arrangements that you can give as an alternative to flowers.



Price: PHP 1,500


9. Acrylic Republic

For the people who loves music there is a perfect gift for you! Acrylic Republic offers an acrylic plaque using the music template of the song or artist of your liking.


Price: PHP 600


10. Stunned PH



Price: PHP 1,200


11. Ben and Bart

They say that music is our universal language, so make this your love language. Ben and Bart on Instagram offers these cute music box.


Price: PHP 350


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