Get All Empowers Women with the New Mommimili Service

Looking for a shopper service that shops for fresh produce like fish, crab, shrimp, vegetables, fruits and many more? Get All is excited to announce our new services: Get All Fresh and Mommimili. This service is perfect for our customers who want to “pabili” anything from palengkes or wet markets and customers who want to get the freshest and top quality produce. Lately, because of the current situation with the COVID pandemic, it hasn’t been the easiest to leave the house. Knowing how crowded it normally is at palengkes, it especially hasn’t been the easiest to buy fresh products at our favorite wet markets. 

Get All Fresh Delivery by Mommimili

There are so many benefits to shopping at wet markets. Some of these benefits include getting to choose the freshest produce at an affordable price and having a wide variety of options for different kinds of meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Many people prefer to buy their produce from wet markets because they get to buy a big volume of goods for a small price. 

To avail of the new Mommimili service, these are the steps you have to take.

  1. Check out our Mommimili Price List and message your order to Get All Services on Viber at (0915) 219 0003 or (0918) 911 1313.
  2. Once receiving your order, the Personal Shopper Admin will coordinate with Mommimili then she will start to harvest the customer’s order list. The customer can also choose to give specific requests like the size, cut, or freshness of the products.
  3. The Personal Shopper Admin will inform the customer on the total bill, including shopper’s fee, delivery fee, and add-ons (if applicable). The customer can send the payment via GCASH, Paymaya, bank transfer, or cash.
  4. Mommimili will give the purchased orders to the assigned rider then will deliver the fresh produce to the customer and receive payment (if cash on delivery option is the mode of payment).  

Get All is determined to empower women, especially mothers. The Mommimili service is a great opportunity for women because Get All has provided them with work opportunities during these times.

Get All Fresh Mommimili Delivery Service

With Get All’s Mommimili service, you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to get the freshest catch for the best price. Just hand Mommimili your shopping list and she will handle the rest! 

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