Get All Grocery Delivery Services through All Day Market

Today, the demand for delivery service is continuously rising since it is what the situation demands. There’s really no other option but to stay home although there are certain tasks that require us to go outside for it to be achieved. Best example for this would be grocery shopping. With the recent announcement of a stricter implementation of GCQ to Metro Manila along with other cities around it, you might be hesitant on planning when to do your next grocery shopping. Everyone is taking extra precautions for the health and safety of their customers. This leads to us thinking if there are other ways we can shop for our groceries. Lucky for us, yes there is.

The idea to do your grocery shopping online might seem like it’s not the road best taken, but with our current situation and possibly on the future, we might think that it is. With that said, you can now shop your groceries online via All Day Market’s website and have it delivered straight to your homes! All Day Market’s online grocery experience is as complete as it gets. Categories from Bakery, Pharmacy, Meats, Seafoods, Fruits, Vegetables, Home Care, Appliances and many more! You won’t have to walk around trying to find the aisle of the product that you’re going to buy. Just list down your grocery must haves then just add them to your cart. You can shop by brands or by price for a lot more customer friendly online grocery shopping experience.

In case you’re wondering how those groceries will be delivered to you, All Day Market’s official delivery partner is Get All. Get All offers shopper service (Pabili/Pasa-buy) where our reliable riders will order what you need and have it delivered right at your doorstep. Shop for your groceries now with All Day Market and have them delivered by Get All for a reliable and safe service.


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