Deliver A Thoughtful Gift to Make Your Mother’s Day Celebration More Special

Deliver A Thoughtful Gift this Mothers' Day with Get All

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” - Cardinal Mermillod

We all know what one of the most important and most awaited day of the year is. This special day gives tribute to the woman who brought us into this world, who watched us take our first steps, who heard our first words, and who first brought food to our table. Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we are here to help you find the perfect gift for your mother and to provide a reliable, quick, and easy delivery service for you with just a few clicks! 

With the new COVID-19 restrictions, we know how hard it is to plan a great celebration for your mom and for all your other loved ones. However, with the Get All delivery app, we can make your celebration a little bit easier and without any hassle! Download the Get All delivery app now and have your mother’s gift delivered right to your door step without the hassle of leaving the comforts of your own home. And you won’t even have to worry about last minute gift ideas because Get All offers same day delivery! 

We all know that giving gifts is just another way to say “I love you.” So we explored the internet to give you some recommendations and to help you find the perfect gift to give to your mother! All these shops can be found online so that you won’t even have to think of the hassle of leaving your house! All you would have to do is download and register to the Get All delivery app and have your parcel delivered straight to you. Here is a list that we have carefully curated of the top 10 gifts you can give to your mom to make her smile on her special day!

Treats for Her Tummy

Some would say that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. Let us turn the tables and be the one to bring food to our mother’s table. Here are some dessert shops and food shops that we have found that are perfect to give to your mother on her special day.

1. Croquembouche Factory



This store is the first store to offer Belgian chocolate cream puff towers worldwide! It is even better because their products have no artificial coloring and artificial flavoring! The bakers of this store have been in the cream puff industry for more than 10 years, so we can definitely say that they have mastered their craft! These cream puff towers are carefully made and will definitely leave you wanting more! 

2. Cara Mia Cakes and Gelato



Caramia is also known as the home of “the best ube cake in town.” Aside from this, they also offer a wide range of variety for their cakes --- from ube cakes, to strawberry shortcakes, to chocolate cakes, or even to mango cakes. Their cakes don’t only look beautiful, but they taste amazing as well! This is why they already have many branches that are open in Metro Manila. But no need to worry about it, you can just have the cake delivered by our Get All courier service!

3. Cakes by Alyanna



Looking for something even more unique? Cakes by Alyanna offers custom made cakes for your occasions! Their designs range from minimalist designs to very extravagant designs. They make floral themed cakes, Rolex themed cakes, Naruto themed cakes, ramen themed cakes, and many more. You name the theme and the designs that you want to see on the cake, and they will do it for you. You can also choose from their different cake flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and many more. The bakers of Cakes by Alyanna are so creative and their designs for all the cakes that they make are so intricate. These cakes are definitely one of the most gorgeous cakes you will ever see and because of this, preparing it will usually take some time. So make sure you go ahead and pre-order your mother’s cake now!

4. Desserts by Dindi



Desserts by Dindi is a home-based business that is dedicated to making quality desserts. They offer these heart shaped mini cakes that are definitely worth trying! These heart cakes come in the cutest packaging that will make your mom’s heart full! Not only are these mini heart cakes beautifully made, they also taste amazing. The flavors of these heart cakes are different from the normal cake flavors that we taste and this is why we can say that Desserts by Dindi are definitely worth trying. Aside from their heart cakes, Desserts by Dindi also offers other pastries like cookies.




If your mom is a fan of bold and umami flavors, then you should definitely consider getting something from this store. You can find this store on Instagram and one look at the product they sell and your mouth will be watering. The product comes in a tray. Inside is their Oishi Gohan Rice topped with their Aburi Charsiu and Ajitsuke Tamago. This dish is full of flavors and will definitely leave you wanting more.


6. Urban Time x Blooms by Agi



What is better than receiving beautiful flowers on your special day? To make it a little bit more unique, you can add a small accessory to your gift package. These two companies have teamed up to give you the perfect gift for your mother! Blooms by Agi is one of the biggest flower stores nationwide. Their store offers a large variety of beautiful and carefully made flower bouquets. The best part is that their Mother’s Day promo includes a watch and a flower bouquet for less than P13,000! If you ask us, this is definitely one of the best deals you can find online!

7. Quinto Jewelry



Feeling a little bit more fancy? Quinto Jewelry is a company that manufactures and retails fine jewelry. They offer personalized solid gold jewelries and high quality and GIA-graded diamonds. They also offer a lot of variety when it comes to their items, ranging from dainty pieces to loud pieces that will definitely turn some heads. If your mom is a fan of accessories and she enjoys wearing jewelry, we think that you should definitely consider getting her a Mother’s Day gift from Quinto Jewelry. You can have custom-made rings, necklaces, bracelets, or even anklets made. You can also choose from the designs that they already offer on their store. If she prefers jewelry that is not too loud or too bold, you can choose to get her jewelry for layering, like a necklace, bracelet, or ring for layering. Quinto Jewelry is also a good store to find pieces that can be used as your mom’s everyday jewelry. This store may be on the pricier side, however, it definitely will not go out of style and the value of the pieces will not go down.

8. Nina Leather Goods and Gifts



Here is another store that can add a personalized touch to your gift! They handcraft a bunch of different items that are all made out of leather which makes this gift not only sustainable, but makes it look fancy and fashionable as well.  We all know that leather won’t go out of style. Nina Leather Goods and Gifts can add a personalized touch to their items by engraving your mom’s name or any other word that you want to be engraved on the item.

Home Decorations

9. Happy Room PH



If your mom enjoys decorating your home and making it feel even more homey, we recommend getting something for her from this online store. Now is the perfect time to redecorate your home. Happy Room PH offers some of the cutest table settings and home decorations like plates, spoons, forks, mugs, pillows, placemats, and many more. They offer many different designs and patterns that can match the vibe of your home or you can even choose to create a new vibe with the sets of patterns and designs that they already offer. From floral prints to colorful patterns to minimalistic designed items, Happy Room PH has got you covered. This online store is the perfect place to find all the home items that your mom would want.

10. Shopleaf Plant Studio



You should consider giving your mom a cute plant from this online store if she is one of the many people who turned into a “plantita” during this COVID-19 pandemic. Shopleaf Plant Studio is one of the biggest and one of the best plant stores that are available to buy online. They even have tips to care for your plant on their social media websites.


Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things that everyone should be doing right now. Self-care includes buying products that can sanitize yourself or even your home. We included this store on our list to give you the option of buying your mom something for her basic essential needs.




This gift is definitely very timely to the situation now. This is the perfect gift to make your mom feel protected and feel safe during the COVID-19. offers a curated box containing the basic essential needs like hand sanitizers. Not only are the items useful at this time but they also come in a very nice packaging. This gift is also really handy and cute because you can also add a personalized touch to the items, like adding your mom’s name or any other words you want to be on the item. 

We hope that this curated list can help you find something that will make your mom smile! We’re sure that she will appreciate anything you give her! Also, don’t forget to tell your mom how much you appreciate her and how much you love her! 

With the Get All app, you won’t even have to worry about risking you and your loved one’s health. We got your logistics service problem solved! We can make your Mother’s Day celebration worry free and hassle free! Get All guarantees that your parcel delivery will arrive on your door step smoothly and quickly. With the Get All app, you also do not have to worry about having a hard time navigating through the app. Get All has made it an easy process to book a delivery courier service. The app is definitely accessible to anyone and you will not have a difficult time using it. 

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Aside from being one of the most affordable courier services, Get All is also one of the most accessible courier services in the whole country. They offer their services within Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Isabela, Rizal, Bulacan, Naga, Cebu, Bacolod, Bataan, Iloilo, Butuan, Pangasinan, Baguio City, Butuan, Davao, and many more.  

So what are you waiting for? You can have a meaningful Mother’s Day celebration with just a few clicks! Download Get All now!

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