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Romantic dinner might have to take place in your home this year. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many young couples in relationships have struggled to find ideas for quality dates they can enjoy without leaving their house.

With COVID-19 restrictions would mean that dining out won’t be an option for every happy couple, but it doesn’t mean that restaurants can’t still take advantage of this opportunity for a boost in sales. Most restaurants are now transitioning into the digital world and making their yummy treats available and accessible without the hassle of going to a physical store. 

Today, demand for courier services has risen significantly because of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand is always followed by supply; courier services provide the delivery of food, groceries, documents, electronics, clothes, and other essential items. This Valentine’s day, you can still enjoy your special day with the one you love in the comfort of your home using Get All. Get All offers shopper service (Pabili/Pasa-buy) where our reliable riders will order what you need and have it delivered right at your doorstep. 

The idea of a stay at home dinner date might not seem appealing at first if you’re used to out of town trips, dinner out in a restaurant, or even outdoor activities. But with a little creativity, you can create dates that feel as special as everything you did before COVID-19. No matter how you choose to celebrate your monthsary or anniversary this year, a delicious meal with your loved ones is a non-negotiable. Food is the way to the heart, right? That is why we list down 9 incredible restaurants that can hook you up with the perfect stay at home dinner date. 

1. Wild flour To-Go

Wild Flour makes sure that every element on their platter is well-cooked and well-flavored, from the grilled shrimps, fork-tender barbecue baby back ribs, to the moist seared salmon fillet. They taste even better if you’re going to enjoy it with someone you love! 




 2. Pizzulu

Pizzulu provides a fresh and authentic Italian dining experience in Manila, with wood fire oven-cooked pizzas, homemade pastas and dinner plates, Italian wines and cocktails, all of which you can have delivered for your special day dinner at home. 






OOMA offers the perfect Japanese dinner with their generously-sized homemade sushi and maki rolls in different sets, perfect for sharing. If you just can’t get enough of their sushi offerings, you can try their famous Tsuyoi Set that has 24-piece sampler  of their yami roll, spicy and creamy kakkoi roll, and creamy-savory yabai roll. They also offer other variety of Japanese food that fits anyone’s palate. 





4. Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

Manila's booming Mexican food scene proves that this obsession for Mexican flavors runs deep, with places popping up in and around the Metro, featuring both authentic Mexican food and local twists on classic dishes. Silantro perfectly caters to this craving as it offers Filipino-Mexican fusion food with layers of flavors that have invigorating hits of tangy, spicy, sweet, and smoky. 







When it comes to celebrations at home, less isn't always more. Even if grand gatherings are no longer a thing, food can always be as grand as one wants. That's why family-sized platters, which cater to different preferences and palates, are God-sent. FoodTray2Go on Instagram offers ready-to-go food trays perfect for every celebration at home. 






 6. House of Lasagna

Craving Filipino-style melted lasagna? Makati-based House of Lasagna on Instagram uses a family recipe that makes for a silky, cheesy, creamy, saucy, meaty, and sweet-savory all-beef lasagna, sure to be a hit for your special dinner at home! 






 7. Planet Grapes 

Planet Grapes offers platters of different savory and sweet food you can choose from that you can perfectly partner with your favourite glass of wine. The variety of food options that Planet Grapes offers is perfect for your romantic monthsary or anniversary dinner at home. 






 8. Mendokoro

Mendokoro’s rich broth and generous toppings can be filling. This is the perfect food for you special day dinner if you love ramen!






 9. Ginza Gyu 

For premium Japanese beef platters at home, you may want to try Ginza Gyu's tender beef strips which are served on a bed of flavorful wagyu steak rice, with sides like garlic spinach and wasabi salt. Ginza Gyu offers a wagyu skirt tray good for 5-6 hungry lovers perfect for your group date.





Get your special dinner dates delivered through Get All and have a meaningful celebration with your significant other.

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