Same Day Delivery: Why It’s The Best Way to Ship for Your Online Shopping

Same Day Delivery Services in the Philippines: Why It’s The Best Way to Ship for Your Online Shopping

No mall? No problem! While most of us have been staying home these days, online shopping has become more popular as a pastime for just about anyone. From finding the best deals on your favorite e-commerce sites to getting that sushi platter delivered right to your doorstep, shopping is a lot safer and convenient when you’re shopping through your phones or computers. 

But online shopping can come with a hefty price tag. On top of the price that you pay for the goods you’re buying, shoppers' fees and shipping or delivery fees can cost just as much! Luckily, same day delivery services have become more affordable and accessible! 

Through same day delivery apps in Metro Manila and other major cities around the country, you can have your orders picked up and have them at your doorstep fast and quick!

However, we know some of you may not be so sold on same day delivery services yet and would be more comfortable having your orders shipped the traditional way. If you need more convincing, we’ll give you all the best reasons with the Get All app! We’ve listed down everything you need to know about Get All’s same day delivery services and why it should be your preferred shipping method of choice. 

Get All Delivery Service: The Best Same Day Delivery Service in the Philippines

One of the newest delivery apps in the Philippines today, the Get All app offers delivery services you can always rely on. Here are some of the features of the app’s same day delivery service we’re sure you’ll love!

  1. It’s fast and easy! 

Just by booking on the Get All app, which takes mere seconds, one of our rider partners will be on his way to pick up the package that you ordered and deliver it to you. 

Although the time it takes to get to you still depends on where the package is coming from and the traffic along the way, any delay shouldn’t be too bad, and you’ll still get your package within hours! 

  • You can track your order real-time. 

  • Through the Get All app, you can check the location and status of the rider handling your package live. The rider will also message you for updates or notify you when he’s arrived at the pick-up and drop-off locations. 

  • You can book multiple stops. 

  • A favorite feature of many customers, the Get All app’s same day delivery service includes booking multiple pick-up and drop-off points! This feature is an absolute cost saver if you often shop from different stores. Instead of spending on individual delivery fees for several delivery bookings, the app can just assign one rider to pick up all the items you need delivered! 

  • The risk of loss or damage isn’t as high. 

  • One of the biggest worries of customers and sellers alike when it comes to shipping or delivery is that the products may get lost or damaged while in transit. 

    With Get All’s same day delivery service app, the chances of loss or damage are slim thanks to the live-tracking feature and quick delivery. We assure you our rider partners are well-trained and very careful when it comes to delivering your packages too! 

    For extra measure, you may remind your rider to handle your package with care as well. We ask our rider partners to send photos of the items they pick up in order to assure customers of what they can expect. 

  • You get to choose the schedule for pick-up. 

  • When it comes to traditional shipping couriers, a huge challenge is not knowing when to expect your package to get picked up or when it would arrive. You get certain updates through tracking it on their website, but there’s really no way of knowing the exact time. 

    For our same day delivery services, it’s all up to you! If you need an item picked up at a specific time, you just have to indicate it in the Get All app. You can even schedule it a day before if that’s what you prefer. 

  • Last minute bookings are not a problem. 

  • Did you suddenly remember that you needed to buy something from the grocery? Or did you forget to send your best friend a gift for her birthday? Whatever it may be, Get All’s same day delivery app has large fleets of riders on standby waiting for your bookings. By just booking through the app, a rider will instantly deliver any item for you.  

  • You won’t have to stress about shipping perishable items. 

  • If food is something you constantly order online, then having it shipped before must have been a headache when the sellers you buy from aren’t available on the same day delivery app. 

    With Get All, it’s gotten a lot easier! Even when a store isn’t one of our merchant partners, you can still have a rider pick up the food! With no spills or spoilage, your food will definitely arrive quick and fresh! 

  • You can save up a lot with the Get All app’s discount voucher codes!

  • Minimizing delivery costs is always a plus for any online shopper, and we’re always happy to help you save whenever we can. We regularly offer discount voucher codes for Get All app users! Be sure to check out our website and social media pages for the latest discounts and promos.

    Buying from our partner merchants? Ask them for their Get All Promo code when you place your order and book your delivery. Check out the list of available merchants and discount codes:

    • Bakerey - GABAKEREY5OFF
    • Truffle Puff - GATRUFFLE5OFF
    • Coffee Grinds - GACOFFEEGRINDS5OFF
    • By The Hills - GABYTHEHILLS5OFF
    • Sky's Unlimited Chicken - GASKYS5OFF
    • Flor Kitchenette - GAFLOR5OFF
    • R.Kitchen - GARKITCHEN5OFF
    • Pamilya Store Sari Sari Store - GAPAMSTORE5OFF
    • Empty - GAEMPTY5OFF
    • Gigi Fresh and Milk Tea - GAGIGIFRESH5OFF
    • Baloonista - GABALOONISTA5OFF
    • Doodies Pet Shop - GADOODIESPETSHOP5OFF
    • Ropio's Garden - GAROPIOS5OFF
    • Otso-Otso Garden - GAOOG5OFF
    • Kath's Creative Works - GAKCW5OFF
    • Tinzy Cafe and Grill - GATINZY5OFF
    • Monalisa Kitchen - GAMONALISA5OFF
    • Yellow Cab Nomo - GAYELLOWCABPH145OFF
    • Aja Branded Overruns - GAAJABRANDED5OFF
    • Pipay’s Closet - GAPIPAYSCLOSET5OFF
    • Negoshanti Dope - GANEGOSHANTIDOPE5OFF
    • Good Games - GAGGAMES5OFF
    • Bfeeding Mum - GABFM5OFF
    • Titasu - GATITASU5OFF

  • On top of Get All courier services, you can also avail of the Get All Service Pabili option!

  • Whether you’re purchasing something from your favorite mall shops or getting items from other stand-alone stores, our Get All Service Pabili has got you covered! All you have to do is let us know which items you need, and we’ll handle everything until we reach your doorstep!  

  • The Mommymili service is perfect for your market essentials!

  • These days, heading to crowded places like wet markets is still discouraged because of the pandemic. Thankfully, you can count on Get All’s Mommymili service for fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits!

    We offer a wide range of market items you can choose from. If you head on to, you’ll find an updated list of available items and their current prices. From your favorite mangoes to salad ingredients like lettuce and tomatoes, we’ll make sure your order arrives fresh in no time!

    Take note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

  • We have a lot of impressive Merchant Partners on the Get All app!

  • We’re constantly trying to improve your online shopping experience, so along with same day delivery services, we’ve partnered with some of the best groceries, supermarkets, restaurants, and retailers! 

    If you’re a coffee aficionado, Coffee Project is one of our merchant partners! You can order your favorite drinks, desserts, and sandwiches directly through Get All!

    If you’re currently on the hunt for furniture, home décor, and other items to spruce up your home, you can shop from our merchant partner, All Home. We’re sure you’ll like their selection of beds, chairs, tables, plates, glassware, silverware, and a lot more!

    Our other partners include All Day Supermarket, All Toys, All Sports, Vista Mall, Evia Lifestyle Center, Bake My Day, The Baby Hub, Chick-A-Bom, and Crumbs Cake Art. 

    We’re working on partnerships with a lot of other shops so stay tuned and constantly check the Get All app and website for updates!

    1. You have several payment options on the Get All app!

    With most of us shopping from home, many online shoppers prefer cashless payment options to ensure contactless transactions, and we’re glad to comply! The Get All app allows you to pay through Visa, Mastercard, and JCB credit cards, GCASH, and PayMaya! 

    If you still prefer paying with cash, that’s absolutely okay! We accommodate Cash-on-Delivery (COD) payments too. 

  • Our same day delivery services are available for packages of all sizes! 

  • When you shop online, there’s no limit to the things you can purchase. You can buy something as small as jewelry, or an item as big as a new couch or bed frame. With Get All, having these items delivered won’t be any trouble. You can certainly avail of the app’s same day delivery service regardless of the size of your package! 

    We have vehicles of varying sizes that you can choose from! These vehicle options include motorcycle, MPV 300kg, MPV 600kg, and Light Trucks (LT). If you just need a couple of small to medium-sized items delivered, then a motorcycle will be just fine! If you made a huge purchase, our two MPV options or an LT can handle your delivery. 

    If you aren’t sure which size of vehicle you need, you can get in touch with us through Viber or Facebook Messenger and our Get All representative will advise you on which vehicle you should choose.

    1. Get All’s same day delivery service is available in multiple locations around the Philippines!

    Currently, we offer same day delivery services in the areas of Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Isabela, Naga, Cebu and Bacolod.

    If Get All isn’t available in your city or province yet, don’t worry! We are rapidly expanding, and we’re sure we’ll reach your area soon enough!

  • Whole day errands lined up? Book a rider for a day with Get All!
  • Got errands to run? Have our rider for a day handle your pick-ups for a day rate of Php 1,000.00. No need to do multiple bookings as the price includes a rider for 8 hours or 50KM distance. 

    Contact us on Viber or Facebook Messenger to arrange for a rider for a day!

    If you still haven’t tried our same day delivery services, we hope our list above convinced you enough to download the Get All app and give it a go! We promise online shopping will definitely be a lot more fun and hassle-free!

    You can also contact us through Facebook Messenger:, or on Viber: 0918 911 1313; 0915 219 0003; or 0917 300 1313 to avail of Get All’s services. 


    In case we missed anything above, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the Get All app’s same day delivery services below! 

    FAQs on Get All’s Same Day Delivery Service 

    What are your rates?

    Our rates are very reasonable and are among the lowest in the country! For same day motorcycle deliveries, prices start at PHP50 and PHP6/km for every succeeding kilometer.

    For bigger deliveries, same day delivery services with our MPVs start at PHP150 and Light Trucks (LT) start at PHP460.

    Other than the Get All app, is there another way I can book a same day delivery service?

    Yes! For the Get All delivery service, you can get in touch with us through Viber. Just send us the addresses and items that you need delivered and we’ll handle everything from there. You can contact us through these numbers: (0918) 911 1313; (0915) 219 0003; and (0917) 300 1313.

    Can I use the app for multiple bookings instead of multiple stops? 

    Yes, you can. If you prefer creating several individual bookings instead of creating one booking with multiple stops, we also offer this feature. 

    Is the Get All app available for any kind of smartphone?

    Yes, it is. Android users can download the app from the Play Store, iPhone users can find it on the App Store, and Huawei users can get it on the App Gallery. 



    Get All is a delivery service app in the Philippines that connects people & businesses by providing same day, on demand delivery courier services in key cities inside & outside Metro Manila. Get All Delivery Services offers a multi-functional delivery fleet to ensure every need is delivered safe! We offer different services from parcel delivery to shopper service.

    To know more, you may visit our FAQs page. You may also visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.

    Don’t forget to Download the Get All app here: Google Play Store | Apple App Store | Huawei AppGallery

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