Get All Delivery Service Helps Small Businesses Thrive During a Pandemic

How Get All Helps Small Businesses Thrive During A Pandemic

The pandemic has proven itself to be the toughest situation that any small business has had to face. Wide-eyed business owners who were looking forward to start their respective ventures into entrepreneurship had to put things on hold.  Would-be opportunities turned into nightmare situations of completely losing their investments since it was grounded before it even took off. Many then took to the internet in finding ways on how to start their business all over again. When situations such as these arise, the craftiest people find the most ingenious of solutions and take a leap of faith by going digital.

Advantages of being one of the heaviest consumers of social media in the world, Filipinos used the social media sphere to look for new online business ideas and then to promote their products in the smartest ways possible. From live selling and auctions to creating dedicated online groups for their communities, e-commerce has played a very big part in reviving small businesses. Those who relied mainly on face-to-face interactions to sell their products have become online personalities that netizens have come to trust. Filipinos made use of their existing digital connections to create a digital network of people who can help them market their products by sharing in groups and communities, and on their respective feeds so that they can tap into a new market.

The food business has been at the forefront of this new digital revolution due to their classification as an “essential business”. Home businesses providing home-cooked meals that have the quality of a restaurant-made meal have become commonplace.

Start-ups have transitioned their business models to going purely digital in order to follow social distancing and other new health standard protocols. Those who are looking to make a living of their pre-loved items such as books, clothes, and even exercise equipment, utilized e-commerce to its fullest and it’s still in the uptrend. Live sellers enjoyed connecting with their audience through social media and while doing so, they market their products that no social media post can, keeping the human factor of connection despite the physical lack of it.

But the most successful online business ventures have one common denominator – embracing door-to-door deliveries. It’s true. Take the case of online plant sellers. Prior to the lockdowns, it was virtually unheard of to buy plants from social media groups but since then, it has become the norm. Online shopping was already a big thing then because of its convenience but now, Filipinos have made it into a reliable source of receiving their goods within the day or within a week. According to the iPrice Group, a firm based in Malaysia, the country had the biggest increase of shopping app usage and online spending among Southeast Asian countries. This can be attributed to the convenience that many have experienced and would rather have, since Filipinos can do more and buy more while sitting in the comforts of their homes. “Support local” became the battle cry of small businesses and many have come to spend their time sifting through online groups, Viber, Facebook and Instagram, to find great quality products that come at a low price.

The shopping experience has changed and another line of business has experienced the boom also: the courier service. Many delivery apps have pivoted their business models to promoting same day delivery in order to keep up with the demand that has arisen. Courier services began competing with each other through the use of social media as well. Armed with the knowledge that meme culture has become ingrained in the social media experience, especially among Filipinos, courier services began to use relatable memes as a strategy to promote their services that feature competitive rates and a reliable network of delivery riders.

What if you can find all of this and more in just one delivery app?

Enter Get All Services.

Get All is an online delivery service platform that looks to help small businesses reach the next level. Willing to deliver small items such as food and other products to even bigger items such as home appliances and large-sized indoor plants, Get All is looking to bridge the gap by offering same day courier delivery services to reach their consumers. The rates are competitively low too as you can book an on-demand delivery motorcycle for your favorite food items starting at PHP50 with an additional PHP6 per kilometer. Businesses that need a bigger transport vehicle can book a 300kg multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) at just PHP150 or a 600kg MPV at PHP350.

If you’re looking for an even bigger delivery service for moving multiple packages or add more essentials to a new home, Get All offers a 1000kg LT service that starts at PHP460.

For small businesses that pride themselves on efficiency of service and quality of products, they need to have multiple deliveries in just one go and Get All offers that as well. It’s a win-win for all parties as small businesses save big on delivery prices and customers get their orders quickly and intact.

Grocery shopping is also made easy and convenient with their Personal Shopper Service. Order your grocery essentials from AllDay Supermarket, restock your medical supplies through AllDay Rx, do your home improvement with AllHome, invest in your own home gym from All Sports, and join the latest trends from apparel to accessories, and skincare to organic food products with Market Liberty.

Experience all of this convenience and more at a competitively low price with Get All.

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