Top Lipat Bahay Services in Metro Manila

Need Help Moving? Here Are The 8 Best Lipat Bahay Services in Metro Manila! 

We know moving can be physically exhausting, mentally taxing, and the possibility of losing your things can cause severe anxiety-–especially for first-time movers. Good thing, renting and booking moving services are more accessible, thanks to these convenient apps and websites! With today’s technology, you can easily book a reliable courier to help you move your big items to your new place. 

So say goodbye to your lipat bahay problems and focus on the important and exciting things about moving to your new home. Plus, rest assured that it will be a lot safer than usual, as these moving services have protocols in place to protect customers and moving assistants.

We’ve compiled a list of home moving apps and services within and near Metro Manila just for you!

8 Best Lipat Bahay Services in Metro Manila

  • Get All app

  • We know moving houses can be a tedious task, but with Get All Delivery Service, it can be made simple! Leave the heavy lifting to us because we’re here to help you move into your new home easily and safely with our range of MPV vehicles, with an option of 300kg or 600kg; and Light Truck (LT), with a 1000kg vehicle option. Moreover, you can be sure that your things are handled with utmost care because our riders and optional helpers are trained to accommodate your lipat bahay needs. And in case you didn’t know, Get All also does deliveries for All Home, Builder’s Center by AllHome, and All Digital –– our team is guaranteed to deliver quality of service and top-notch customer service. 

    Our moving service rates range from P150 for MPV 300, P350 for MPV 600 and for LT with a coverage of 50 kilometers from the pick-up point, P450. We also offer whole day rental of our MPVs for clients who will need to make several back and forth trips! To book, just send a message to Get All via FB Messenger: or on Viber: 0918 911 1313, 0915 219 0003, or 0917 300 1313. You will then be connected with a Get All Service Representative who will assist you with your lipat bahay needs. Same-day on-demand delivery has never been this easy!

    Download the Get All app and see for yourself how easy it is to use and experience our superb customer service. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and follow us to be updated with Get All courier service’s offers, promos, products, and more! 

  • Transportify

  • Transportify is a moving service that caters to big item deliveries. They operate in  Metro Manila, and some areas of Cavite, Bulacan, Laguna, and Rizal. You can choose from either categories: standard fare or per hour charge, and full-day fare. 

    Economy vehicle types are sedan, hatchback, and MPV/SUV, with a standard rate of P120 (+P20 per kilometer) and a full day rate of P1,800. Van options include H100, HiAce, Urvan, and the regular L300, with a standard rate of P430 (+P30 per kilometer) and a full day rate of P2,800. Closed van such as an elf truck or a canter truck, has a standard rate of ₱1,875 (+P45 per kilometer) and a full day rate of P6,000. 

    Suppose you need help moving; you can also hire moving assistants to help you load and unload your items. Take note moving assistants cannot help in packing and unpacking your stuff and assembling furniture

    Available via Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

  • Lalamove

  • Lalamove has a wide selection of vehicles you can choose from, such as the 300kg MPV for fragile items like plants and small appliances; 600kg MPV for furniture like cabinets, bookshelves, chairs, and other things that could fit; the 1,000kg Light Truck for moving larger home items like beds, couches, refrigerators, and other larger appliance; and the 2,000kg light truck which is more ideal for moving offices, retail items, and stuff from events. Their service is available within Metro Manila as long as the weight does not exceed 2,000 kgs.

    If you need help moving your stuff, each moving assistant will cost P200 for an entire day. As additional assurance, the Lalamove app has a built-in GPS tracking feature you can refer to while you ride at the comfort of your private car on the way to your new place. 

    Available via Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  

  • Mober 

  • Mober is an all-Filipino, same-day delivery service that helps customers move to their new homes. 

    Rates for the four-wheeler truck starts at  P3,000 (for the first 5 kilometers) and comes with 1 moving assistant. Simply send a request via the app, set your pick-up and drop-off locations, choose the type of vehicle, and your preferred time. 

    Mober has 24/7 customer service support, real-time tracking of your rented truck, and reliable moving helpers. They also offer Mober Protect cargo insurance for your added peace of mind. 

    Available via Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  


  • From an all-inclusive service provider, has branched out to offer moving services as well. Their employees are trained to maintain standard operating procedures and are PPE-equipped to ensure you are safe and protected while moving. In addition, also offers a Gawin Guarantee or a re-service within 31 days if you didn’t find their work satisfactory, and Gawin Protection for coverage of damage or theft. 

    The rate, however, is calculated by distance––regardless if you choose to book either vehicle type. Just head to their website or app, choose the lipat bahay service, and decide which vehicle you prefer between a 4-wheeler and a 6-wheeler truck. Their service comes with 1 helper who can aid you with the loading and unloading of your things, a driver, and fuel for the truck. Take note that the price is exclusive of toll and parking fees, and you will need to book this 3 days before the moving day. 

    Available via Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

  • MyKuya 

  • Another versatile app which focuses on providing customers with helpers for various errands is MyKuya. Simply launch the app and search for a moving service to help you transport your furniture from your old place to your new home. Once you’ve matched with the nearest available Kuya or Ate with a moving van to assist you, just send them a message and start coordinating! The rates will differ per vendor or service provider, so it’s up to you which one you prefer.

    Available via Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  

  • Locanto

  • At Locanto, you can find all sorts of classified ads for different services. From jobs, sales, retail items, home listings––name it, it’s there! Just head to their website and search for a moving service that can help you transfer your furniture, appliances, and other oversized items to your new residence. You can find a plethora of options with reasonable prices that depend on weight, distance, and the time of your move. 

    Available via Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  

  • Lipat Bahay

  • Lipat Bahay  is a trucking operator that offers nationwide logistics services. They have a wide range of available trucks you can maximize from 6-wheeler trucks to boom trucks. 

    Lipat Bahay prides itself on its customer support which is available 24/7, and its swift action to resolve any complaints or problems their customer may encounter. Having said that, you may request a quote in advance or book on the same day or night, and they will quickly accommodate your request. For your reassurance, their trucks are equipped with GPS to help customers to track their deliveries in real-time. 

    Available through their website



    Lipat bahay tips for a hassle-free move

    • Prepare for your move in advance. A few days before the big move, gather people who can help you and your family before the moving service comes. Especially with packing, disassembling furniture, buying boxes, bubble wrap, and old newspapers to wrap your fragile items with. 

    • Create a categorized checklist of your home items. There are different ways to organize your checklist, whether it's per room, per person's personal belongings, or a general list of your furniture, appliances, leisure items, and so on. Choose your preferred method and apply this to your packing or storage plan.

    • Separate your valuables from the larger items. These include your personal computers, essential files, jewelry, collections, and more. This is to make sure that you can account for them easily when moving. It's also a good idea to take photos of your valuables as an added security measure. 

    • Leave the unimportant things. This may be a good time to sweep through your belongings and decide if there are some items you can leave behind or dispose of, such as broken appliances, old bedsheets, old toys, and other old materials. 

    • Dispose of your trash properly. Moving requires a lot of cleaning as well, so make sure you leave your old home in a good state before saying goodbye for good. This means both within the living area and the outdoor/garage of the property. 

    • Donate or sell items you won't need in your new home. If there are items that you think your new home won't need, but it's still in a good condition, you can run a donation drive through different NGOs, religious organizations, give it away by setting up personal/passion projects, or you can also give it to your helpers or other family members. Another option is to sell it through FB Marketplace or other social media to earn additional income.

    • Choose a suitable moving service to help you with your move. This is probably one of the most important things to consider when making a big move to a new home. Your belongings must be in good hands, so pick a moving service that's utterly hands-on, like Get All. 

    • Label your boxes or bags. This is to help you and your moving assistants to know where to put your stuff when unloading and to remind you of your fragile items that need extra care when being handled and transported to your new place.

    • Pack an overnight bag and toiletries the night before the big move. This may come in handy on your first night in your new home, as you may need a change of clothes while your luggage or closet is still yet to be unpacked. Additionally, It’s recommended to have a premade meal available, especially with how busy you’ll be unpacking.

    • Secure your liquid items using cling wrap or plastic bags. It can be pretty stressful when bottles of shampoo and other kitchen liquids burst open and damage your other stuff. So be sure to secure them properly by ensuring the caps and lids are tightly sealed and placed in plastic bags for added protection. 

  • Use vacuum sealed bags to save up space in your luggages. Maximize your vacuum sealed bags that you usually use for traveling, and make use of them on your clothes! This is to protect your clothes from accidental spills from your luggage and to allow you to put more items in one bag. 

    • Remember to read the fine print before booking your lipat bahay service. This is to make sure you have all your bases covered and have a fuss-free transaction on the day of your move. You wouldn’t want to be surprised with all the additional charges you unknowingly incurred while busy moving into your new home. Luckily with Get All, everything is explained thoroughly to customers to avoid confusion! 

    Final thoughts

    Gone are the days when you struggled to find an available L300 or jeepney you can rent to help you move your appliance, furniture, and other house items to your new place. Now, you can enjoy hassle free delivery with these websites and apps. Book with Get All and you can enjoy the best deal, get outstanding customer service, and have a hassle-free experience on your much-awaited moving day.




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